A Child Again

Living awake feels like being in a child’s story, a simple story about a simple thing. The restoration to innocence, to the time before time, with no possibility of harm. [Read more…]

Meditating All Day Long

Why does a person meditate? What does that mean, to meditate? When someone sits for meditation, on a given occasion or as a practice, what expectations are in the picture?  [Read more…]

The Ultimate Betrayal

We are betrayed daily, hourly, by the persisting sense of self. That sense of who I am, and how it tends itself, how it keeps itself seeming real. It’s a betrayal because of how it keeps us from noticing the spaciousness around the self, around everything – the container, you might say. [Read more…]

The Moment the Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made. Although I have read almost none of the Bible, these words often come spontaneously when I first step outside and greet the morning.  [Read more…]

What Am I?

The question is, What am I? What is the thing I don’t want to have missed? What is life really about?  [Read more…]

Being a Smart Animal

Once upon a time there was a creature endowed with a fine mind, and also with sense receptors that were sweetly attuned to the surrounding world and to its own delightful body. [Read more…]

Resting from Mind-Caused Suffering

This is the terrible irony of the vast majority of human suffering: the thing that gives rise to it in the first place is then asked to alleviate it. The mind cannot relieve what it has brought about. But this is what we attempt to do.  [Read more…]

You Are Not Precious

It’s said (and has been said for millennia) that it’s possible for a person not to suffer, not to be subject to fear and desire. [Read more…]

An Encyclopedia of a Peach

There appears to be a you having an objective existence, independent of your mind’s narrative of a self. The further impression is that this you has experiences.   [Read more…]