Resting from Mind-Caused Suffering

This is the terrible irony of the vast majority of human suffering: the thing that gives rise to it in the first place is then asked to alleviate it. The mind cannot relieve what it has brought about. But this is what we attempt to do.  [Read more...]

You Are Not Precious

It’s said (and has been said for millennia) that it’s possible for a person not to suffer, not to be subject to fear and desire. [Read more...]

An Encyclopedia of a Peach

There appears to be a you having an objective existence, independent of your mind’s narrative of a self. The further impression is that this you has experiences.   [Read more...]

A Locked Door

A door without a lock.  A door without a lock that appears to be locked — that gives the impression of being un-openable.  This is the human situation.  [Read more...]

Being Conscious

Being conscious occurs in the now.  (Even if your attachment to ego has ended, and you’re conscious as the norm, consciousness is experienced now.)  When you’re conscious, you’re aware of what’s happening in the now:  [Read more...]

Joy in the Face of Suffering

How is it possible to live in this world, where suffering and deterioration are rampant, and yet be steadily at peace, even joyful?  In the face of so much pain and decay, is it self-indulgent to be joyful?  [Read more...]

Anger as a Pointer

Anger — whether outwardly expressed or concealed — is a response to something underlying it, something felt before[Read more...]