The Line Dividing Fear from Love

There is a line clearly dividing the first 50 years of life from the years since (twelve, at the present accounting). From here, looking back, it’s as if the time before were black-and-white, two-dimensional, a pencil sketch of existence. Though at the time life often appeared (and felt) luxurious, if sometimes tainted with worry and dissatisfaction. [Read more…]

Transformative Suffering

There are two kinds of suffering: the kind that bears fruit, and the kind that’s pointless (and therefore doomed to repeat).  [Read more…]

Life on the Tongue

Freedom is living unencumbered. You are free to move easily among whatever things come along. You are soft, without the tension of doing, of anticipation; without the readiness to defend. [Read more…]

Watch What Really Happens

What appears to be a single multifaceted response to a moment of life is, if you look closely, several steps that occur in rapid succession. They happen in a particular order. Every time. The steps come fast like falling dominoes, so the impression is that they occur concurrently. As if all of a piece. [Read more…]

The Truest, Realest You

I found a door I hadn’t known was there. It was like entering into another dimension, only this wasn’t science fiction, or a dream, or delusion. It was just plain true. There had been a door all along, in the room in which life-so-far had taken place, fifty years of it. Suddenly I turned and looked in a direction I’d never looked before, and a door I’d never seen was slowly opening, waiting for me to step through. I stepped. [Read more…]

A Child Again

Living awake feels like being in a child’s story, a simple story about a simple thing. The restoration to innocence, to the time before time, with no possibility of harm. [Read more…]

Meditating All Day Long

Why does a person meditate? What does that mean, to meditate? When someone sits for meditation, on a given occasion or as a practice, what expectations are in the picture?  [Read more…]

The Ultimate Betrayal

We are betrayed daily, hourly, by the persisting sense of self. That sense of who I am, and how it tends itself, how it keeps itself seeming real. It’s a betrayal because of how it keeps us from noticing the spaciousness around the self, around everything – the container, you might say. [Read more…]

The Moment the Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made. Although I have read almost none of the Bible, these words often come spontaneously when I first step outside and greet the morning.  [Read more…]

What Am I?

The question is, What am I? What is the thing I don’t want to have missed? What is life really about?  [Read more…]